DJI Phantom-3 Advanced Quadcopter Drone Reviews

The DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter Drone featuring 1080p HD Video Camera is all that you need! This drone comes with enhanced features that all pilots will love. It has 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for clear video recording and 720p live video streaming. You will appreciate the stable indoor flights assisted by a free vision app (Android and iOs). The DJI Phantom-3 Advanced also features a rechargeable remote controller to offer you an exciting flight.

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DJI Phantom-3 Advanced Quadcopter Drone Reviews

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Features of DJI Phantom-3 Advanced

There are numerous benefits of this drone and it has gained customer’s trust. The Lightbridge digital streaming is the major advantage that most customers love. This full HD live streaming is perfect for video recording and study flights. Below are some other pros of the DJI Phantom-3 Advanced.

  • It has 3-axis gimbal that tilts the camera to ensure smooth video recording.
  • This drone allows full High Definition streaming with simultaneous SD card recording; thus if you miss details during the live streaming, you will watch the recorded video.
  • It offers stable indoor flights due to the integrated vision positioning system. Therefore, you will not hit corners and objects.
  • The DJI Phantom 3 allows you to share all the recorded media in your Smartphone via the free app. You will also enjoy easy piloting through the app.
  • It has a safety database that has information on the no-flight zones.

This drone is full of great features all aimed at offering you a superb flying experience. Here we shall look at the cutting edge aspects.

1080p Full High Definition Recording

When recording videos, you should ensure that all details are included. The 1080p HD recording ensures you don’t compromise the quality of your video. It is a high resolution that can capture elegance action movies. It is also reliable for recording videos of hidden places like the other side of the mountain. The recording is enhanced by a 3-axis gimbal stabilizing system that ensures clear and vivid videos.

DJI Phantom-3 Advanced, Quadcopter Drone featuring 1080p HD Camera
 60 customer reviews

Lightbridge digital streaming

This Advanced Quadcopter comes with a Lightbridge digital streaming ability. The digital streaming is ideal for video recording since you will be able to focus on the desired details. This HD streaming is coupled with simultaneous recording on the built in 16GB micro SD card; large memory enough to store all your media. Therefore, there is a security of all your recorded data. The information stored on the card can be retrieved easily for other uses.

High Density Battery 

The battery is the power of a drone, and it determines the distance that you can fly with a single recharge. The DJI Phantom-3 Advanced has an HD battery to power a long flight and hence more viewing. It also includes a rechargeable remote controller making the system great for all flights.

Dji Pilot App (for Android and iOS)

In the modern world, you should have full control on your hands. The DJI Phantom-3 Advanced offers you that power via a free vision app available in the application stores. The app allows live viewing on your device and also complete camera control. You can also share the recorded videos and images using the advanced mode of this app.

Vision Positioning System

Sometimes you have to fly indoors. This drone features a vision positioning system that is a collection of sensors to offer you a stable indoor flight.

GPS Navigation

This DJI Phantom-3 Advanced features GPS navigation to aid in flights. It also has out landing and auto takeoff features to ensure you have an exciting experience. These features are more useful for people who are flying for the first time.

There are many answered questions about the DJI Phantom-3 Advanced drone. Some people have raised concerns about the battery that powers about 15 to 17 minutes flight; you can buy an extra one for more flight. Most of the reviewers gave this drone five stars while only a few gave it one and two stars. This drone scores 4.6 out of 5 beating many similar drones; thus it is ranked among the best sellers in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

The only con of this drone may be the vision app that freezes in some Smartphones. To avoid this problem, ensure your phone’s software is up-to-date.

The DJI Phantom-3 Advanced design has enhanced the proud feature of the DJI’s Phantom series. It is a drone of choice for all people who want to record aerial data. With a free vision app, vision position system, 720p video streaming and rechargeable remote controller, the DJI Phantom-3 will offer you an exceptional flight!

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