How to Buy a Drone?

Most people are in the rush to purchase drones. Persons in the photography and videography industry all want to own a drone. Not excluding people who buy drones for fun and commercial purposes. Since drones can be found easily, everyone can buy one. But do you know how to buy a drone? In this post, we shall tell you all that you have to know before making an order and also the things you have to check on a drone.

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How to buy a drone

What should you know before buying a drone?

Some drones are ready to fly while others are not – some drones come with all components ready to fly. All that you have to do is charge the battery, fit the components and fly. Such drones ensure you don’t incur any extra expenses. On the other hand, some drones don’t include all components. If you buy such a drone, you will be forced to buy other components before you hit the skies. If you are buying your first drone, it is advisable to buy a drone that has all components.

Not all quadcopters are easy to fly – Generally all drones may seem hard to fly, but that is not the case. Some manufacturers make easy-to-fly drones by integrating features like autopilot mode, return home capability and stabilizing mode. Your skills also determine the ease of flying any drone. All drones don’t fly the same way, and that’s why it is vital to buy an easy-to-fly drone.

There are different places where you can a drone – there are many online and offline stores that sell drones. However, you will get best deals online. Amazon is the most trusted place where you can easily purchase a drone because this store brings together different manufacturers. There is also transparency on Amazon.

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How to buy a drone – the things to consider

Drones come with different features. It’s important to know what you want in a drone. Here are the important aspects that you should look for in a drone.



The battery is the main source your drones’ power.Thus, you should consider the battery’s capability. Most drones come with a high density lithium polymer battery that can support a distance of up to 980 feet. However, the battery’s’ ability will be guided by the drones purpose; if you are recording a long video or surveying a far distance, you will require a high power battery. Where else, photography may not require you to have high power battery. Some drones also come with an extra battery.

Flight distance

The distance that a drone can cover with a single recharge is very critical. You should ensure that your quadcopter covers the longest distance possible to ensure you capture all the desired information. This doesn’t mean that only long flight drones’ are ideal for all your needs; some other drones’ cover a short distance with a single recharge and yet they record a lot of data.

Flight time

This is the time in minutes that a drone stays in the sky. The minimum time for most drones is 25 minutes. Other drones can be adapted to take even longer flight time. The flight time determines how far you will fly before stopping. Generally, drones with long flight time are perfect for daily activities.

Storage space

All drones come with an SD card that stores recorded media. Some drones have only 4 GB card while others come with up to 8 GB SD card. Some manufacturers even include a USB plug in to cater for large storage requirements. The amount of space available determines how much information will be stored without running out of space. It’s advisable that you buy a drone with large storage space if you are in videography industry and other areas that require huge storage. Quadcopters that are meant only for viewing, fun flying and simple photography don’t require large storage space.

Components included in the set

When we talk about how to buy a drone, we can’t fail to mention the parts included in the pack. Some drones come with all the components essential for an instant flight while others will require you to get extra parts. If you’re a beginner, buy a drone that has all the components.

The above guide should lead you to purchase an excellent drone. We advise that you buy your drone on Amazon because it’s a credible online store. Join other satisfied customers on Amazon and hit the skies!

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How to Use and Maintain a Drone

Drones are designed to make us view unreachable places. Most people are now using drones to capture aerial videos and still images. However, there are guidelines that you have to follow when using a drone. There are also simple techniques that you can use to maintain your quadcopter and ensure it last long.

How to use and maintain drone

This is a guide on how to use and maintain a drone.

How to use a drone

A drone can be used in place around the world. When you use a drone adhere to the following:

Fly within range

Every drone has a certain range within which it can be flown. The radio range can go up to 0.62 miles. When you drone flies very far, you may have to activate the autopilot mode to assist you in flight. But always fly your drone in a range where you enjoy an easy control.

Don’t exceed FAA height recommendations

According to FAA regulations, a drone should not fly above 400 feet. However, some drones can fly up to 3,000 feet. Also, don’t fly your drone around restricted areas. Though most manufacturers have included sensor mechanisms in their drones to ensure you don’t fly across some areas. If you want to fly your quadcopter above the recommended heights, you may have to seek permission first.

How fast can you fly your drone?

You may have such a question. It depends on the version of your drone. Some large and powerful drones can hit 60mph in ideal weather conditions while others range between 25-33mph. Therefore, you will fly your quadcopter according to its speed limits.

Use of the autopilot mode

Most drone manufacturers have integrated an auto pilot mode in their drones to make it easy for you. But this mode is mainly meant for beginners. Expert pilots are also not barred from using this mode, especially when flying at high heights.

Ensure Security of your Drone

At times, you drone may fall into security threats and lose important information. You should always ensure your drone is safe as it flies. Some possible security threats include hacking. People may hack your drone and get sensitive information. Ensure the drones’ camera and sensors are secure if you are flying over unsecure areas. The worst situation is where your drone is brought drone but is not common.

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How to maintain a drone

Maintaining a drone is a simple activity that doesn’t require experts. Here are simple ways to help you keep your quadcopter for long.

Charge the battery fully before flights

To ensure you drone flies smoothly, always make sure the battery is fully charged. When the battery is near depletion, fly back and recharge or change the battery if you want to proceed with the flight. This may prevent your drone from falling to the ground.

Fix and Replace Props

Props are a critical part of your drone and they should always be in good condition. Before you commence any flight, ensure the props are inlined and firm. If you realize the props are wearing out, you will need to get a replacement.

Motor alignment

The motor is the engine and main power of your quadcopter. Any slight issue with the motor can bring your drone down and lead to losses. Always ensure the motor is properly aligned and functioning correctly. Sometimes, this part may develop problems that are beyond your knowledge. If that happens, you will have to consult an expert who will restore your drones’ condition.

Check Sensors

Sensors ensure smooth flights. While others are meant for autopilot modes and follow me features. Always inspect the sensors and make sure they are in a good position. If your drone sensors are not functioning as expected, you should get a repair immediately.

Controller board cleaning

Always ensure the controller board is clean.

Drones offer thrilling experiences and that’s why we need to maintain them. Always ensure your drones’ components are firm. Although some drones can fly in harsh weather conditions like hails, snow, hot weather and in strong clouds, avoid flying under such conditions. Avoiding such areas will increase the durability of your drone.

When you use a drone, be keen to avoid restricted areas. Also, ensure you fly your drone in controllable ranges. If your drone flies very high and far, consider switching the autopilot mode. Above all ensure your drone is secure to prevent hackers from accessing your vital information.

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